What is Hero Zero?

What is Hero Zero?


Accept the task of repairing peace in your topsy-turvy neighborhood.

Be the main character that the village needs as a way to progress.

Fight against a huge selection of other game characters online.

Considering the chaos encircling the world today, the need for heroes inclined to stand up and protect people could never be understated. But when it comes to presuming the role of a hero crime-busting seems already too formulaic and monotonous.

Thanks to the Facebook or myspace game, Hero Zero, though using the mantle and hoping hero status has become thrilling absolutely colorful. In the game Hero Zero, players wanting to live the life span of a hero will not likely have to undergo the seemingly repetitive kind of process of growing a “hero”. In fact, Hero Zero introduces an unique procedure in the gaming and offers players a whole new way of reaching hero position.

Beginning of the journey

As the game starts, players are immediately approached by a quick persona customization screen. In this page, players may toggle around their hero’s girl or boy and other basic features. Customization is quite diverse and a lttle bit broad as players might have to choose and personalize their hero’s head shape, sight, hair, eyebrows, accessory, nose area, mouth, color, skin, color, and even beard. If perhaps going through all this is not one’s thing then players may just go ahead and opt for a preset character by clicking the “dice” icon.

Soon after this, players will be immediately, helped bring to the Hero page–wherein intensive information about the player’s hero are outlined. Among these sets of information are the set of the hero’s distinct skills, which if upgraded, shall spell the difference between victory or defeat. These types of stats are Strength, Endurance, Brain, and Intuition. Durability is the capacity of a hero to offer damage with every reach. Stamina is the capacity of the hero to take in damage. Human brain is the amount critical hits the hero can deliver while Intuition is the frequency and probability of the hero to dodge some attacks.

As well in the Hero Site lies a few equipment slots that the player will fill in as the game progresses.
In this page too, the key values hanging around are featured, which are Coins and Donuts. Cash allow players to acquire nearly anything they need and which is often acquired through missions, ententes, work and a customer of a few items. Donuts, one the other side of the gold coin hand, allow players to get more powerful items and equipment along with Booster accessories.

As the player commences a mission, they have the option to spend boosters for that specific mission. Boosters come in three different types–Mission Booster gadgets, Skill Boosters, and Job Boosters. Mission Boosters reduces the waiting time and the energy required in each mission. The Skill Booster increases the hero’s basic skill while the Work Boosters increases the hero’s pay at your workplace.


Generally there are two sorts of missions in the game, Time Mission and Fighting with each other Missions. Time Missions are those missions that only require the players to hold back as the quest completes–usually the player just pieces a bar loading to completion. Then the Combat Missions are those tasks wherein players may participate in a duel with the enemy. A trust, however, only involves passively watching the two prototypes take it out on each other. Every quest, if completed rewards players with either honor, or maybe, and experience points.

Aside from dueling with other online friends and story-mode foes, players will also coach their hero to become better on the field. When training, players may select which of the key skills they would like to enhance.

In a nutshell, Hero Zero, with their hilarious graphics and funny story, is an extremely engaging game that would easily be loved and enjoyed by all types of players.