Hero Zero Guide

Hero Zero Guide

Welcome in ourĀ Hero Zero Guide. Let’s start!

1.Character’s skills

Strength – is in charge of devastation done to ask your character. 1 strength equals 1 damage.

Condition – It influences our details of strength and establishes how long you can survive in fight. one particular point = 10 condition

Intelligence – Increases chance to inflict critical problems for our opponentsIntuition – Increases your chance to avoid the blows caused by heroes.

Intuition – Increases your chance to avoid the blows caused by heroes.


2. Increasing skills

It will depend on personal preference. We have specialization in a sole or more skills, but soothing advantages and drawbacks. The easiest way to expand is expand your character in a lasting manner.

3. Fight missions

Fight missions offer better bonuses in the form of gold and experience in less time. There are three degrees of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard

Easy: Opponent skills could be an average of 77.5% of our skills.

Moderate: Opponent skills are an average of 85% of our skills.

Hard: Opposition skills are an average of 94% of our skills.

4. Energy

If you done 100 (without trophy) energy you have got 2 options: The first option is wait to moonlight, when your energy will regenerate automatically. The second option is add 55 energy, using 2 doughnuts or some coins. This kind of option you can do 4 times per a day.

5. Training

When you are doing training, you can select skill, what do you want to coach. Every single training is adding to “Training belt” next point. When you done your training, your skill broadened by 5 points. Every single day we now have got 12 points of training. Nevertheless your team has received trophy with training, every trophy adds 5 items to training points.


6. Battles

Found in the game, you can join or create your own team which allows us to learn with other players. The team also brings benefits through the introduction of features that give us an added bonus in the form of more energy, increase our figures, or more gold and experience. In addition, they wins trophies that bring additional benefits to the members of the team and the team arguements.